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PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) is a high-performance polymer that exhibits exceptional chemical resistance along with high thermal and mechanical properties. Widely known as one of the most chemically resistant thermoplastic materials available. It is widely used in the most demanding applications because it has excellent chemical resistance coupled with superior mechanical and thermal properties.


Benefits of PPS filament include:

(1). Melting temperatures (Tm) of 300°C

(2). Excellent chemical resistance;

(3). Dielectric constant and dissipation factor over a wide range of temps and frequencies.

(4). Inherently flame resistant and self-extinguishing

(5). Long-term hydrolytic stability for very low moisture absorption

(6). Exceptional strength and modulus even at elevated temperatures



Typical applications include:

PPS is used in some of the most demanding applications in Auto, Chemical Processing, Oil & Gas, and Electronics. It is inherently flame retardant and self extinguishing, making it an ideal material for electrical / electronics applications.









Excellent chemical resistance
High thermal performance
Excellent mechanical properties